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What's Happening at The Run Around Rescue Ranch? 

We've been busy getting animal enclosures completed. Abel Acres, a large off leash play, training, & future agility area and O'Malley Alley, a large shaded hang out area for dogs that sits at the base of Jobs Peak (elev. 10,633) was completed Winter 2021.


The Tilted Tree Bark and Grill outdoor play area is completed.


Perimeter fencing and large, free-range goat and chicken yard are complete!

Large barn and workshop will be built in May of 2023.

What to Know

An Interactive Rescue Ranch Camp Experience.


Year-round at the Run Around


  • Hiking

  • Off Roading 

  • Horseback Riding


  • Skiing / Boarding

  • Snowmobiling 

  • Snowshoeing


  • Lake Tahoe

  • Wild Horses

  • Birdwatching 

  • Astronomy

  • Workshops / Events

  • History of the West

Located in one of the most stunning valleys in Northern NV, the Run Around Rescue Ranch is surrounded by adventure and really cool places and things to see.  There's always plenty to do around the ranch, but you'd be missing out not to explore the area a little while you're here.   



Upon completion, we plan to hold  fundraising events at the ranch including growth workshops, agility, cookouts, culinary classes,  live music, training classes and more. There are a lot of activities close by as well for every season at The Run Around.

Camp Fire

The Forever Residents

"Abel", the original host of the RARR was our 11 year old Dutch Shepherd.  Abel's spirit was set free in early April 2021 after a 2 year "disease-stable" designation with prostate cancer. (an extra 2 years that we were so grateful to have with him).  He spent 11 months putting his stamp on the ranch.  His sweet, gentle spirit will forever be present at the RARR.


"O'Malley" is a Belgian Malinois pup that we rescued in November, 2020 from American Belgian Malinois Rescue. O'Malley's hobbies are agility, obedience, bird watching and taste testing treats.  He LOVES people and dogs and would be happy to show you around! 

"Mack" is our newest forever resident...a Belgian Malinois that we rescued in May 2021 from ABMR Texas. Mack is a bull disguised as a dog.  

"Ruby" is our first rescue horse. An Arabian mare in her mid 20's who was rescued from a Texas kill pen. She is happy and thriving in green pastures at the Run Around!  Runy is sweet to her core and is working towards being a therapy horse. 

"Cody" is our second rescue horse.  A stunning 10 year old Haflinger gelding who was used and unfortunately abused as an Amish cart horse in his previous life.  Dawn has been working through Cody's trust issues.  He's learning that the Run Around Ranch was where he was always meant to end up!  Lots of love, treats, and play everyday!  He sure adores his older mare, Ruby!


The Ranch Camp

The main house is a large renovated barn that was  built in the late 1920's to house the valley's grain mill operation at the original Run Around Ranch.  With an authentic, timeless open vibe, the main house has two comfortable guest rooms where you can kick off your boots after a long day working with the animals.  The downstairs renovation with a game room, bourbon bar, and music room is complete.  The Spa / Workout Room will be complete Summer of 2022.  A large animal barn w separate living quarters and a a large barn style workshop for implements near the SW pastures will be complete by end of Summer 2022.


What is Run Around Rescue Ranch Camp? 

The Run Around Rescue Ranch Camp is an interactive animal rescue, foster and sanctuary experience!  Approved applicants that are seeking a specific rescued animal can come, stay, help and play.  Think "working dude ranch" rescue style!  We don't believe people connect very well with prospective adoptee animals by spending minutes in a waiting room.  We thought this through and believe that if you spend a little more time with an animal, getting to know them in a real living environment,  everyone will have better long term success.  The Run Around Ranch is a place you can come, stay, help out with daily chores and spend time with the animals.  In return, we will provide a guest room,  good food and local coffee, spirits, etc.  Our location is right in the middle of endless adventure including  Lake Tahoe, world class ski/board resorts, hiking., wild horse adventures, horseback riding and more!

What kind of animals are on the RARR?

At this time, we have our four rescued forever residents:  "O'Malley" and "Mack" - Belgian Malinois. Ruby, a mid 20 year old Arabian Mare, and Cody, a 10 year old Haflinger.  We continue to secure the ranch with fencing, and improving pasture irrigation. 

What are the sleeping arrangements?

The ranch has three beautiful guest rooms.  The Arena Room, The Campfire Room and The Ranch Room. All guest rooms are a comfortable soft place to land after a day at The Run Around.

What is the application process?

We are currently researching and working on this process.

How do I donate or volunteer?

The Run Around Rescue Ranch is incorporated in Nevada as a non-profit entity.  Once we receive our federal 501c3 status, we will begin accepting donations through our "Triple WIN" donation program (coming soon).  We could definitely use some help this summer with some of the build out projects and clean up.  If you are in the area, and interested in helping, please contact us on the home page contact form.

Reserve Your Spot

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